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  MC - Kyung Sook BAE

08:50-09:30 Registration & Coffee
09:30-09:40 Welcome Address

Dae Whan CHANG   Maekyung Media Group   Chairman & Publisher
Dimitris PSILLAKIS   European Chamber of Commerce in Korea   Chairperson

09:40-09:50 Congratulatory Message

Sung Joo KIM   National Pension Service   Chairman & CEO
Heenam CHOI   Korea Investment Corporation   Chairman & CEO

09:50-10:15 Keynote Speech
Jae S. YOON   New York Life Investment Management   CIO
10:15-10:35 Networking & Coffee Break
10:35-11:30 Infra | Where to Go beyond PPP


Panel Discussion

PPP(Public-Private Partnership) assets have been taking center stage in the infrastructure market. Severe yield compression and valuations clearly present a picture of strong demand from investors, while investment opportunities are dwindling, partially due to privatization in many countries in the world. Need for more strategies and perspectives on PPP and what Core Infrastructure assets are. Perhaps beginning with redefining what Core Infrastructure should mean can be a start. We will discuss how and what we should define as Core Infrastructure and the search for an alternative investment to PPP.

11:30-12:20 PE | PE Strategies Facing the End of the Cycle


Panel Discussion

PE Investors recently facing new challenges due to prospects of a global economic downturn leading to a gradual increase in investor concerns about potential investment losses in the future. Additionally, there have been many headline risks associated with distressed corporates. However, some investors, contrarians and mid-to-long term investors, see this potential downturn as an opportunity to invest at more attractive valuation. It is time to consider in advance, investment strategies that could benefit from a potential economic downturn.

12:20-14:00 Networking Lunch & BAIN PE LUNCH
14:00-14:12 Special Presentation
14:12-15:00 RE | Real Estate, To Buy or Not To Buy, That's the Question

Panel Discussion

Though there are conflicting opinions on the direction of the current real estate market, and many investors would agree that with current valuations, this may not be the right time to be buying in the global office market. Yet, we are still witnessing strong liquidity in the market. Where will capital with a lack of clear direction go? Will capital leave the real estate markets or continue move towards other specific regions or sectors? We will discuss new opportunities and strategies, while examining risk factors in the general real estate market.

15:00-15:30 Networking Break
15:30-16:40 LP | ESG Investment

Panel Discussion

ESG investment has been one of the most active investment topics globally. Korean investors are also increasing their search for various types of ESG investment, especially with the introduction of the stewardship code. However, a clear explanation about an ESG investment approach has not been presented to investors nor have concerns been addressed with regards to ESG potentially negative affecting investment return has been still in existence. We will listen to institutional investor’s concerns and discuss the direction of ESG investing.

16:40 Closing Remark

* Programme and speakers are subject to change